Musician and Composer

As you may have guessed from my home page, I have a wide range of musical influences, beginning life as a classical musician, branching into Scottish traditional music and taking forays into musical theatre. I’ve always been fairly open, but becoming a music therapist and being surrounded by musicians has ensured I keep broadening my influences as clients and colleagues have continually introduced me to new music.

My “folky self” gets an outing with two bands. One is Corran Raa, a band formed in 2007 with fellow musicians from the traditional music scene with a strong focus on our own compositions, which feel very much connected to the landscapes and people who have formed the rich tapestry of our experiences as a musical collective. I’m also a regular performer with Edinburgh based ceilidh band Carrie On Dancing.

Since you’re here, I’ve included a few recordings of recent unofficially recorded music, just for you…

Da Him: a hymn-like tune dedicated to my friend, band colleague and purveyor of fine tunes Mr Robbie Leask, on the occasion of a Special Birthday. Arranged and played by Corran Raa.

The Tandem Wedding March: written for another friend and band colleague, Janet Lees and her husband Christian. Jenny Smith joins me on fiddle.

Cheers for the Years/Wee Lily B’s: celebrations of births and birthdays played by me and my very longstanding friend Carrie Bulley (of Carrie on Dancing).

Where next?

Authentic Artist logoSince 2015 I have been an associate of the Authentic Artist Collective . Kath Burlinson developed the Authentic Artist programme under the mentorship of Paul Oertel and Nancy Spanier, with whom I have also been fortunate to work. I am very lucky indeed to be surrounded by such a rich and supportive collective of artists and this has given me the courage to step into the world of musical theatre, which has been a previous destination of mine.

I am particularly interested in writing or improvising music for theatre and improvised movement so please get in touch if you think you might be interested in collaborating with me.

All music copyright Katherine Bruce.